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To study Army Medical Colleges the stander have to have the followings expense in five years as a whole:

Serial: Category Fee/Charge Army personal for serving & Retired For Other Citizen of Bangladesh Remarks
For First Year
01 Admission Fee (One time) 13,50,000.00 16,20,000.00
02 Tution Fee 7,000x12=84,000.00 8,000x12=96,000.00
03 Messing Charge 5,000x12=60,000.00 5,000x12=60,000.00
04 Dormitory Charge 2,000x12=24,000.00 2,000x12=24,000.00
05 Internee Allces(Refundable) 1,80,000.00 1,80,000.00
06 Mis (Library, Games, Outfit, Laundry, Magazine, Picnic, Tour) 63000.00 63000.00
Total: 1761000.00 2043000.00

Second, Third, Fourth Year (Including yearly re-admission fees)

Serial: Category Fee/Charge Army personal for serving & Retired For Other Citizen of Bangladesh Remarks
01 Tuition fee 7,000x12=84,000.00 8,000x12=96,000.00
02 Messing Charge 5,000x12=60,000.00 5,000x12=60,000.00
03 Dormitory Charge 2,000x12=24,000.00 2,000x12=24,000.00
04 Mis (Library, Games, Outfit, Laundry, Magazine, Picnic, Re-admission) 63000.00 63000.00
Total (From 1 to 4) 231000.00 243000.00
Total of 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year 693000.00 729000.00
5th Year
Tuition, Messing, Dormitory Charge, Library, Games , Outfit, Laundry, Magazine & Picnic 221000.00 233000.00
Study Exp Per Student 2675000.00 3005000.00

Mode of Paying the fess:

The fees will be paid as Follows:

a. Intern fes for all student: Taka 1,20,000.00 is payable during admission. This Amount will be paid back to the respective students at the rate of Taka 10,000.00 per month as intern pay

b. Re-admission fee for all students is Tk 10,000.00

c. For 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year all fees other than re-admission fee, are payable on quarterly basis. However, students may pay these fees on half yearly or yearly basis also.

d. All fees other than admission fee and caution money are payable on quarterly basis and are to be paid 15 days prior to the quarter i.e. fees for quarter ending September, December, March and June are to be paid by 15th of June, September, December and March respectively. All payments are to be made in time through Trust Bank, Cantonment Branch, of respective area/division; Defaulters will be dealt with as per Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) of the College.


1. Outfit: Uniform, Shoe, Bed sheet, Pillow (with cover), Bucket with Mug, Blanket, Mosquito net, pullover etc

2. Outfit charge, Messing Charge and Laundry & Allied Charges may be increased subject to market price

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