Welcome to Army Medical College,Cumilla

    Bangladesh, a developing country, comprises of eighty percent of her population living in remote villages. However, defying all odds, Bangladesh has been making significant socioeconomic development in recent years. Despite the improvement in healthcare indicators e.g. decline in mortality rates and increase in average life expectancy, the health sector of the country has still a long way to go in realizing its full potential. Even in this modern age, many people die here due to ignorance, inadequate medical care and lack of treatment facilities. Nevertheless, the medical education of the country has been striving to keep pace with the worldwide progress of medical science. Bangladesh Army also duly felt the inevitability of possessing a group of energetic, motivated and devoted young professionals to face the global changes taking place in the field of medical education and technology in the 21st Century. Keeping this focus in view, five Army Medical Colleges established in different came into being by a sanction letter from the Ministry of Health.